Never know what I've become.The king of all that's said and done.The forgotten son.[...]And now I've been gone for so long .I can't remember who was wrong. All innocence is long gone. I pledge allegiance to a world of disbelief where I belong. A walking disaster. The son of all bastards. You regret you made me It's too late to save me.As far as where I fell. Maybe I'm better off dead.. Am I at the end of nowhere Is this as good as it gets?
NO-CALLAR Y seguir luchando !
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Y con eso, se me escapó una gota ocular rebelde :C #bones #hodgins&angela #ruptura #brokeup #frases #4season

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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

Neilson: Mr. Archer, at the count of three, shoot Doctor Watson.
John: What?!
Sherlock: I don’t have the code.
Neilson: One.
Sherlock: I don’t know the code.
Neilson: Two.
Sherlock: She didn’t tell me. I don’t know it!
Neilson: I’m prepared to believe you any second now. Three.
Sherlock: No, stop!



Sarah see Andersen n_n como me identifico, xD

Le amo ♥