Never know what I've become.The king of all that's said and done.The forgotten son.[...]And now I've been gone for so long .I can't remember who was wrong. All innocence is long gone. I pledge allegiance to a world of disbelief where I belong. A walking disaster. The son of all bastards. You regret you made me It's too late to save me.As far as where I fell. Maybe I'm better off dead.. Am I at the end of nowhere Is this as good as it gets?
NO-CALLAR Y seguir luchando !
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Shanesha Taylor was arrested on March 20th by the Scottsdale Police for leaving her children ages 2 and 6 months in her car while she interviewed for a job. Ms. Taylor was homeless and could not access any child care. Her desperation to provide for herself and her children and her lack of options led her to take drastic measures in search of employment. Ms. Taylor needs support & help rather than incarceration and a criminal record that will surely decrease her chances to provide for her children in the future. We ask that Maricopa County use common-sense and provide support for Ms. Taylor and her children rather than punishment.

Shanesha Taylor is still in jail pending a $9,000 bond.

Help drop the child abuse charges against Shanesha Taylor by signing this petition at Here’s the link:

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“Matemática é para os fracos, quero ver alguém me resolver.”
Tati Bernardi. (via nevuei)


Even that baby like wow I’m close to Beyoncé




the school removed the mirror in the bathroom and someone wrote on the wall

I really love this photo

this photo speaks to me